Is there homework?

No, there is no homework. Arts & Ideas is a democratic school that does not impose curricular tasks of any kind upon students. With that said, students often fluidly carry on self-initiated projects back and forth between home and school. Learn more about our model in detail.

How is the school governed and run?

Arts & Ideas is governed by bodies of students and staff empowered by the school’s bylaws to manage the school’s operation. Learn more at our structure.

Is this like Waldorf or Montessori or other alternative eudcational models?

In short, no. Please see our Okay, so you’re sort of like… page for a brief comparison of school philosophies.

How much does it cost?

Please see our Tuition page.

What is the school’s yearly schedule?

Arts & Ideas operates with a schedule that is similar to neighboring public schools and includes winter break, spring break, and summer vacation. See our Calendar for more information.

What are the attendance requirements?

Arts & Ideas is open from 8:15 AM - 5:45 PM. A full day's attendance is a total of at least 5 hours, which must include the core hours of 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

When can we enroll?

Arts & Ideas has rolling admissions through February of each school year. Please see our Admissions page for more information.

Does the school serve meals?

No, Arts & Ideas does not serve meals. Most students bring lunches from home. Our off-campus policy facilitates students buying lunch from nearby restaurants and shops which also deliver. Our incredible student-run Kitchen Corporation often serves a hot lunch on Fridays.

Is transportation provided?

No, Arts & Ideas does not provide transportation to and from school each day. Since our families live all over the Baltimore area, some families utilize carpooling arrangements for daily school commuting.

Is there a daily schedule?

Aside from a few established activities that run on schedule (Judicial Committee every day at 11:30, chore time every day at 2:30, and School Meeting on Tuesdays at 1:00), the students have no set schedules other than what they might decide to make for themselves. Thus, daily personal activities at A&I vary widely from student to student, day to day, and can include:

  • outdoor play (climbing trees in the yard/running/cartwheels/playing games),
  • using computers (playing Minecraft/coding/editing videos/research),
  • creating (music/stories/books/art/dollhouses),
  • organizing (a bake sale/play audition/holiday parties),
  • spending time on one's own (reading/thinking/making art/just observing),
  • socializing (laughing/talking/listening/sharing).

Do you accept students with disabilities?

Yes, Arts & Ideas enrolls students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis; however, A&I does not provide any specific accommodations for students with disabilities. Regardless of any disability, all students must be able to keep themselves safe without constant adult supervision, take care of their own needs (such as eating and using the restroom), and be respectful, accepting members of the school community.

At A&I , students have the space, time, and freedom to be themselves and learn in whatever way makes sense for them.

What resources are available at school?

The resources at Arts & Ideas include:

  • Music Room (with many instruments, recording equipment, amplifiers)
  • Art Room (different kinds of art supplies for painting and crafting)
  • Video Room (for recording stop animation shorts or live action videos)
  • Kitchen (commercial kitchen stocked with pizza ovens and a deep fryer)
  • Library (lots of books, including Sudbury-related books for parents)
  • Gymnastics Equipment (kip bar, practice balance beam, yoga and gymnastics mats).

Some of the resources available at A&I ebb and flow, based on current student interests. Please see Our Space for pictures and more information about our facilities.

Are there field trips?

Yes, Arts & Ideas offers field trips. Some trips are primarily planned and executed by staff, while others are largely coordinated by students. Some of our past field trips include: taking the light rail to the Baltimore Aquarium, listening to all kinds of concerts at Peabody, seeing plays at The Baltimore Theatre Project, exploring for treasures at nearby Herring Run Park, overnight camping at a beach in Delaware, end of year celebratory trips to Six Flags, throughout the year and in all kinds of outdoor fun at Camp Puh’Tok.

Is A&I an arts school?

Yes, but in a more subtle way than most expect. Please read about Our Name for an in-depth explanation of our name.

Do students receive a diploma?

Yes, Arts & Ideas grants its own diploma for students who write and defend a thesis. An A&I diploma is not a high school equivalence diploma; however, it is a document that students can and do use for college and job applications.

Please see our Ok, what about I... page for more information about colleges and careers for Sudbury graduates.

How does graduation work?

Arts & Ideas, like most Sudbury schools, offers an optional diploma process for students aged 16+: a thesis is written to address the question "How have I prepared to enter the world beyond school?" and defended in front of a panel of staff members from neighboring Sudbury schools.

Students who are of age may leave A&I without the diploma. Many, but not all, teenagers choose to undertake the optional diploma process, often as a capstone of their school experience.

What is the school’s legal structure?

Arts & Ideas is a church-exempt non-public school under the auspices of the Arcadian Fellowship Church. The Arcadian Fellowship is a non-denominational non-profit created alongside the school and its mission is to support democratic education for all children. The Arcadian Fellowship does not make decisions pertaining to the school’s day to day operation.