Financial Obligations

There main financial obligation to enrolling at Arts & Ideas is the tuition. Besides these costs, there are no other mandatory financial obligations to enrolling (for example, no textbooks, uniforms, or other fees).

Current tuition is $8,640 per year for the first child in a family, $6,876 for the second child, and $5,616 for any additional children. Tuition is decided each year by majority vote of the School Assembly, which consists of parents, staff, and students. As Arts & Ideas enrolls throughout the year, tuition is prorated.

Arts & Ideas strives to be an affordable option for our families. For those families that cannot afford the full tuition, we do have a process in place to help navigate the balance between the family's needs and the need for the school to be sustained financially. Be sure to ask about it in the family interview for further details.

Parent Equity Program

The Parent Equity Program was a capital raising program that made possible the school's move from its former rented location to its current owned facilities in November 2015. Participation in the Parent Equity Program was mandatory for all enrolled families but is now being retired. If you want to know what the community had to do to raise the capital, ask us about the Parent Equity Program. It was inspiring to be a part of it.

Payment Plans

While the enrollment contract entails obligation of payment for the full school year on signature, we have the flexibility to offer payment plans for families that need or prefer them. Typically, we offer two plans: a 9 month plan in which families pay tuition installments during each month of the school year (Sept-May), or a 12 month plan in which families can pay less per month by spreading tuition out over additional summer payments. Here is a table of how those monthly payments work out for the case of one child, two children, and three children:

Number of Children 12 Months 9 Months Annual
720 960 8,640
2 1,293 1,724 15,516
3 1,761 2,348 21,132