Job Openings

While we are currently in the process of hiring a fifth staff member, we are no longer accepting new applicants for this round. If none of our current candidates meet our criteria for hiring, then we will re-open the process. You can send us a cover letter and resume for us to keep on file if we start a new round of hiring.

What follows is the posting for our most recent hiring search.

Arts & Ideas Sudbury School is seeking an amazing, multi-talented staff member to help grow the organization and work with young people in an authentic and respectful way.

Full time staff position at Arts & Ideas Sudbury School

Staff at A&I work on equal footing with the students to cultivate, innovate and maintain a healthy school environment. Every day at A&I is different and you will be in charge of how you spend your time in service to the school. Your contributions to Arts & Ideas will help create an environment conducive to learning for the young people who make up its body. You will cultivate your learner’s perspective as well.

We are looking for someone who asks, “What would make things better?” And then works collaboratively with colleagues and community to make things better through our democratic process.

We are looking for an exceptional role model. We are looking for someone who has a solid grasp of the school’s educational philosophy, someone with experience or interest in democratic processes and self-directed or Sudbury-model education. We are looking for someone who demonstrates a real commitment to equal rights for people of all ages, races, religions, genders and sexual identities. We are searching for an applicant who recognizes that consent by the governed applies to children and that they have a seat at our table.

Our school staff take responsibility for certain areas of school operations. You will be hired by the school community to perform the mundane but necessary tasks of the organization best left to adults. You might find yourself plunging a toilet; planting a tree; publishing a newsletter; repairing a fence; making a speech; calling a roofer; dreaming up PR; setting up the sound system; paying bills; writing a grant, or organizing a closet. You will facilitate student access to resources more than teach them anything, and your ego will take some knocks.

You will be challenged intellectually, socially, and emotionally--and probably physically and spiritually as well. In your response to these challenges, you will be modelling what an adult should be in our community.

Professionalism, excellence, maturity, and the ability to handle yourself effectively in many situations is essential.

Job includes:

  • Staff members act as dependable stewards of the school. They take on not just ensuring that the school continues to operate, but also provide short- and long-term improvements as well as vision.
  • Collectively, staff fill all leadership roles of School Meeting that are not competently filled by students. This means staff should expect to fill at least a few roles they are not yet enthused about, interested in, or experienced at.
  • All staff participate fully in the democratic processes of the school. This includes following cleanup procedures, participating in the Judicial Committee and School Meeting, participating in School Meeting- and Assembly-level committees, attending Assembly meetings.
  • While not in charge during daily school operations, staff members must feel comfortable taking charge in case of an emergency.
  • Staff must speak clearly, and publicly, about the school, on an ongoing basis. This includes informally, as well as at Open Houses, school fairs, conferences, and other events.
  • Staff are expected to spend time and build relationships with students.
  • Staff work long hours during and outside of school hours, regularly. This includes scheduled events and meetings as well as overflow work from personal projects.

The perks:

  • You get to work with the best people around--kids
  • You will get to be your creative best self
  • You don’t report to a boss
  • You’ll have 16 weeks a year when the school isn’t in session
  • You will be a positive force in the world

What we need:

  • participation in democratic structures of the school
  • public relations/social media
  • bookkeeping and financial management
  • fundraising
  • long-term planning
  • office management
  • interface with government agencies and authorities
  • parent support
  • technology support (hardware, software, network)
  • grounds and building maintenance
  • public relations
  • vision
  • project management
  • writing skills
  • a sense of humor

Fine print:

  • Full-time salaried positions assume 40 hours per week through the school year (September thru early June).
  • Staff have staggered schedules that might look like: 7:45 to 3:15, 9:30 - 5, 10:45 - 6:15. Plus there are after hours staff meetings and community events, and summer work as needed.
  • Entry level school year pay starts at $40,000.
  • Disability and life insurance included.
  • Retirement Benefit

Hiring Process

Our hiring process is a little involved. The following steps apply:

  1. To apply, please send an email to office@aisudbury.org with a cover letter and a resume attached as PDFs.
  2. Our Hiring Committee will review them; the committee may consist of any staff or students who wish to participate in it.
  3. If accepted, the next step is an interview with the Hiring Committee. This will consist of a tour of the school and a sit down interview that may take between an hour or two.
  4. After a successful interview, a visiting week is required. The candidate needs to have a criminal background check before the visiting week. The candidate should attend a full week of school consisting of at least 7.5 hours for 5 consecutive days and will be compensated at a rate of $100 per day to be paid at the completion of the visiting week.
  5. At the end of the visiting week, there shall be a mandatory school gathering, led by the Hiring Clerk. The candidate shall give a speech on their behalf. A Q&A shall follow the speech.
  6. After the speech, the Hiring Committee meets with the candidate for an exit interview.
  7. If the Hiring Committee approves the candidate for hiring, the final stage is a School-wide conversation and vote.